Committee Members

2017 Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 22nd. July 2017, the following were elected :


Hampshire & Isle of Wight ABA Executive Committee –

President and Chairman       P.Vince

Vice Presidents                    L.Stamp, S.Gill, D.Tew, L.Ball.

Secretary                             A Pricthard.

Treasurer                             M.Norford.

Appointments Secretary       D.Tew.

Auditors                               D.Tew.

Medical Officer                   Dr. A.Wilcockson

Medical Registrar                S.Gill

Committee                         M.Norford, S.Oconnor, L.Ball, Y.Bello, M.Broad, D.Blair, S.Veal, K.Charman

                                           J.Mitchell, M.Robinson, A.Perrymna, L.Stamp, M.Vince, D.Green

IOW Representative            D.Green

Legal Advisor                     No nomination

Training Representative      D.Johnston


Southern Counties ABA  Executive Council

President & Chairman         P.Vince (Hampshire)

Life Vice-President             K.Charman

Vice-Presidents                   L.Ball, L.Stamp

Secretary                             A.Pricthard.

Treasurer                             M.Norford

Medical Registrar                S.Gill

Auditors                              D.Tew

Medical Officer                  Dr. A.Wilcockson , C,Martin, J.Grice

SCABA Council                 L.Ball, L.Stamp, P.Vince,. 

Legal Advisor                     No nomination.

ABAE Executive Council  

R & J Commission           Mick Budden   

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