New Rule Reference Notes

Pg. 8

Contact Lenses – the rule has been altered so that the decision is now ABD rather than RSC

Pg. 9/10

The 10 – 6 score has been removed as it was never used by Judges

Pg. 12

The definition of ABD (Abandon) has been revised to: “ If a boxer retires voluntarily or if the coach throws the towel into the ring or appears on the apron, however when the referee is not counting, the opponent will be declared the winner of the bout by Abandon.

Pg. 16

Low Blow – the rule has been altered so that the decision is now a RSC-I instead of RSC.

Pg. 17

Warning – these will now be issued if a boxer receives a head butt or other illegal blows which do not cause an injury or cut and reads “ If a Boxer receives a headbutt or other illegal which do not cause an injury or cut, the Referee will give a warning to the offender, deducting one (1) point per judge or may disqualify the offending boxer if actions are deemed sufficiently serious to warrant a disqualification.”



Pg. 18

Knockdown – More precision introduced into (9.6) Compulsory Count Limits to complement rules 9.6.1, 9.6.2, 9.6.3 and reads “Eight count due to an illegal blow, will not be considered in this amount”.

Pg. 19

Referee – More precision regarding the command ‘Time’ – rule now reads “Time” when ordering the Timekeeper & Gong operator to stop the time, and to order the boxers to stop boxing.

Pg. 22

Official Announcer – removal of reference to their location around the Field of Play

Pg. 23

Coaches/Seconds – inclusion of AIBA certified cutmen to work as seconds within the field of play.


There are also more explicit definitions of professionals in 16.1. i.e professional coaches who are now eligible to act as seconds once certified (AIBA 1, 2, 3 star) by AIBA

Appendix C

Pg. 30

Medical Certificate – Official Doctor’s stamp now requested on the pro-forma.


New Rule Reference Notes

Pg. 6

Weigh in – Re-organisation of the paragraphs for easier understanding. Rule 3.1.2 is also worth noting.

Pg. 7

Official Draw – reference to rule 3.2 amended.

Pg. 12

Supervisor – removal of the previous Continental clause.

Pg. 12

Supervisor – more clarity on required eligibility to become a Supervisor


NTOs – in particular 13.6.1 AIBA recommendation for Time Keepers

Pg. 19

Gloves – removal of the weight specifications for 10z and 12oz as they are now in the Technical rules.

Pg. 19

Headguards – Re-organisation of the paragraphs for easier understanding.


Please also note rule 21.1 – no headguards for Elite males at any National level


Pg. 20

Bandages – Re-organisation of the paragraphs for easier understanding.


Relaxing of the use of professional hand wraps in national competitions – The rule 22.2.1 now reads “In international Elite Men’s competition, such as but not limited to Olympic Games, World Championships, Continental Championships, Continental multi-sports Games (i.e Commonwealth Games) or any other event decided by AIBA, the use of professional hand wraps of the specification below (22.2.2) shall be mandatory.

22.2.3 also states ‘In international Elite Men’s Competition, a Boxer may apply his bandages on his hands as he likes, provided that the knuckles of his hand are not covered by surgeon’s tape.

Appendix B Point 3

Pg. 26

Result protocol – inclusion of the result protocol when box-off bouts are organised.
Appendix C Point 2

Pg. 28

Seeding – re-organisation of the rule for easier understanding.

Same number of seeds for male & female boxers.

Same number of seeds for all competitions.

Quota for host country revised.

Worth noting there is no reference to seeding at National level i.e. Scottish Championships.

Appendix C Point 2.4

Pg. 29

WSB seeding criteria – using the ranking of the last completed regular season (instead of season V and VI)
Appendix C


Pg. 29

Seeding quota for Host country – re-wording of the rule for more consistency with point 2.2
Appendix E

Pg. 38

Gloves and Headguard specifications, – manufacturer and competition identification has changed and is specified.








Joe Butler of Moneyfields ABC landed the NABGC title at 50Kg in the Class B championships winning by a split decision win over Gemini  Jake Harrison in the Finals. Congrats to Joe and all the coaches at moneyfields ABC.

                                  Gold for Jack Hillier at Sven Lange Memorial


A team of twelve England boxers competed in the Sven Lange Memorial tournament in Germany this weekend, returning with nine gold medals, two silvers and one bronze. The team included a mixture of Junior and Youth boxers, who competed over three days against opponents from countries including Norway, Denmark, Austria and the host nation. Hampshire’s Jack Hillier of Southampton ABC not only Won Gold but was also voted the best Youth boxers of the event, Congratulation to Jack and Coaches at Southampton ABC.


                                                 England Boxing Elite National Finals return to Echo Arena Liverpool in 2016 

                                                    Clubs to benefit from ticket income with exclusive promotional codes

England Boxing’s Elite National Championships will return to the Echo Arena Liverpool in April 2016, showcasing England’s best male and female boxers over three days of boxing.

The championships will be held over the weekend of 29 April – 1 May 2016, with the quarter-finals, semis and finals taking place over three consecutive days

The event, which is in its 129th year, will follow last year’s popular revamped format, which saw the men and women’s finals held as part of the same tournament.

Weekend passes for all three days are priced £39 and £28 concessions (including booking fees). Individual day tickets start at £11.50 including handling fees.

On Friday 29 April, the five lightest weights of male and female quarter-final bouts will be held from 12pm onwards with two rings in the Arena.  The five heaviest weights will be contested from 6.30pm.

On Saturday 30 April, there will be two rings in the Arena for the semi-finals, which will begin at 12pm.

The finals on Sunday 1 May will start at 2pm.

The competition will be feature 10 female weight categories and 10 males

Exclusive promo codes

England Boxing is offering spectators the opportunity to choose a regional association to benefit from £5 of the price of each weekend ticket purchased, via the exclusive promotional codes below.

You can choose to donate £5 of the total price of your ticket to your chosen regional association, so that it can benefit the clubs in your area, at no cost to you.

When purchasing a weekend pass, simply add the relevant code below to your basket at checkout.

Tyne Tees and Wear – TTW001

Yorkshire – YKS002

East Midlands – EMD003

Eastern Counties – ECS004

London – LDN005

Midlands – MID006

North West Region – NWR007

Merseyside and Cheshire – M&C008

Home Counties – HCS009

Western Counties – WCS010

Southern Counties – SCS011

UK Armed Forces – UKAF012

Senior Development Championships

5 Hampshire & Isle Wight boxers reached the final of this year Senior development Championships 2015, held at the prestigious Bethnal Green, York Hall

great achievement for the region and all gave good account of themselves, Golden ring ABC Jake Clark was crowned national Champion at class B U60kg.

Jamie Parker of Coopers boys ABC and Will Nimako of Basingstoke ABC came very close, both losing on a split decision.



Picture above Jamie parker of Coopers flank with his coaches below – ( L to R) Alex Hibberd and Jake Clark.

congratulation to the following boxers and there clubs -:

48kg Rebecca Stone (St Albans) beat Shakiba Moghadam (Gym01) pts unan

60kg Kade Defreitas (Northside) beat Jamie Parker (Coopers) pts split

60kg Kristopher Pilkington (Birtley) lost to Jake Clark (Golden Ring) pts unan

64kg Jack Mckinley (Everton Red Triangle) beat Will Nimako (Basingstoke) pts  split

75kg Matthew Wigglesworth (Vulcan) beat Alex Hibberd (Golden Ring) pts


Hampshire Boxer of the Year



Ebonie Jones has been voted Hampshire boxer of the year by the Hampshire clubs, for her achievement in the last couple of seasons

she has dominated at domestic, European & World level. Ebonie will now embark on a new career by joining

the Army and hopeful continue her boxing.

GB Boxing Championships

forthcoming GB Boxing Championships that take place on November 26th at the EIS Sheffield, if you would like to purchase tickets for just £5 before they go on sale to the general public ( Monday 12th )  you can do so by clicking on the following link<>

Senior Development


Class A Hampshire

u60 – Jamie Parker (coopers)

U64 – Kieran Bell (GR)

U69 – Jack Cooper(Coopers) vs Adam Birch (GR) – 19th

U75 – Jamie Larder (Stacey) vs Martin Hawley (Leigh park)- 19th

U81 – Craig Wilson (GR) vs Harry Hughes (Waterside) – 19th

U91+- JonJo Beresford (Stacey)

Class B Hampshire

U60 – Jake Clarke (GR)

U64 – Jamie Chamberlain (Wiseman) vs Will Nimako (Basingstoke)- 19th

U69 – Chris Spacagana (GR) vs Rueben Lines (Stacey)- 19th

Class A Female 2 – 6

U64 – Bobbi Clarke (Leigh Park)

Class B Female

U47 – Shakiba Moghadom (Gym01)

U64 – Xian Blackman (Gym01)

ALL other weights = No Entries.

Box Off on Saturday 19th at Golden Ring

weigh 10am till 12pm.

Venue – Mansell Park, Evenlode Road,Millbrook

Southampton SO16 9FX.

Junior Novices & Senior events

Junior Development

Class A – Born 2000

Class B – Born 1999

Male Boxers 10 bouts or less

Female Boxers 6 bouts or less

Weights: 38-40kg, 42kg, 44kg, 46kg, 48kg, 50kg, 52kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63kg, 66kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 80+kg


  • Hampshire Weigh by 17th August !!
  • Association Finals by 6th September
  • Pre-1/4s by 13th September

Home v Southern

East Mids v Yorkshire

Mids v Merseyside & Cheshire

  • Quarters by 20th September

London v Eastern

Western v Home + Southern

NWR v Mids + Merseyside & Cheshire

  • Semi Finals 26 / 27 September
  • Finals 3 / 4 October

Senior Novices


  • Hampshire Weigh 10th/11th September
  • Association Finals by 2th October
  • Pre-1/4s 10/11 October

CSBA v Eastern

London v Western


Yorks v Merseyside & Cheshire

Quarters 17/18 October

Home v CSBA + Eastern

Southern v London + Western

East Mids v NWR + TTW

Mids v Yorks + Merseyside & Cheshire

Semis 24/25 October

Finals 31 October

NABC’s ( CYP’s )

National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs Championships – 1st November.


Hampshire Duo Reach Elite Finals



Basingstoke ABC boxers Jacob Gabriel and Bryce Goodridge fought their way to this weekend National Elite Championships Finals

which take place at Liverpool Echo Arena April 24-26th both boxers will have to box friday through to Sunday to be crowned champions.

Light Welterweight Jacob Gabriel is seeded number 3 in his division and has had 3 winning contest to reach this stage. Light Heavyweight

Bryce Goodridge has booked his place with a win over Western Counties Champion Dylan Courtney.

We wish both boxers best of luck for the weekend. Well done to all at  Basingstoke ABC.


Hampshire Schools

                       APRIL 25th @ Gosport ABC Weigh/In 10am – 12pm      

                   Cranbourne  Road, Gosport, PO12 1RJ

     HAMPSHIRE (RED)                                                SURREY (BLUE) 



SAM NUTTALL (TITCHFIELD) U44.5     (2001) SONNY KING (GUILDFORD)                    
JIMMY SMITH (GOLDEN RING)     Hants   Final Box                 Off U38.5 MITCHELL   TURNER (SOUTHAMPTON)    

       Winner in Bolds                                                               

April 25th supporting bouts will follow the Championship bout. 48hrs Notice require for any Pull-outs.

England Junior/Cadet Championship

albie Amy Marky

Great Success for Hampshire & Isle Wight boxers over the Weekend with 3 out of 4 been crowned champions in there weights

and a galant effort from finalist Leila Hargreaves narrow losing in the final after winning her semi final bout. Congrats to Boxers and Clubs

Top – down — Albie Samways 80kg cadet Champion, Amy Cooper – 66kg Female Champion Mark Chamberlain 54kg Junior Champion.


England Boxing Junior Championships 2015 – Male & Female


Semi Finals & Finals
Date: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March
Venue: Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheaf Street, Sheffield, S1 2BP
Weigh-in: 10:00-12:00hrs both days

Male 2000 Cadet Championship

75-780 Albie Samways (Golden Ring)  Saturday

Male 1999/2000 Junior Championship
52-54 Mark Chamberlain (Team Wiseman).  Saturday

Female 1999/2000 Junior Championship

48-50 Leila Hargreaves (Southampton ABC). Saturday

Female 1999/2000 Cadet Championship

63-66 Amy Cooper ( Gosport ABC).  Sunday

Hampshire’s boxers Shine




JOSEPH BUTLER continue his gutsy fightback from injury with a Southern Counties title at Hove in the u48kg

junior Championship. The Moneyfields talent advanced to the next stage of the England Boxing Junior Quaters Finals Championships weekend. Butler Overcame Kemsing ABC Alfie Bye to progress.



Leigh Park ABC – Ryan Oliver who also landed the Southern counties Title with only a handful of bouts overcame

An experience Brighton and Hove boxer Joe Lumb in the u66Kg Class.

Hampshires Other winners -:

Hop – Joe Coutlas who won against William Badrock – Hasting -Westhill.

Team Wiseman – Jason Stanley who overcame Reece Milton – Kemsing.

Other boxers through to the next round due to a Walkover are -:

Bailey Fowler – HOP – 50kg
Mark Chamblelain – Wiseman – 54kg
Lewis Dentith – Wiseman – 63kg
Caleb Barnes – Golden Ring – 57kg cadet.
Albie Samways – Golden Ring – 80kg Cadet.
Leila Hargraves – Southampton – 50kg
Amy Cooper – Gosport – 66kg


Championships Date

Elite Championship saturday 28t/ 29th southern Counties. Venue TBC.

Schoolboys & Minor Weigh in Thursday 2nd of April@ GoldenRing ABC GYM. 6-7pm.

Schoolboys Saturday 11th April. Sunday 12th April. (Hampshire Round.) Hampshire Round

Inter-county round 25th April. ( Hampshire vs Surrey ) Venue TBC

Southern counties Finals 2/3rd May. Venue TBC


PRO AM Coaches


Unfortunately the correspondence from EB in December giving permission for ProAm coaches to corner their amateur boxers on club shows was inaccurate, EB have since been advised by AIBA that this is incorrect and that the original correspondence stating that ProAm coaches cannot corner amateur boxers is indeed correct.

Development Champion


AHMED ADENAS has completed his sensational rise to glory at the England Boxing Development Championships.

The gutsy Heart of Portsmouth has been crowned national champion – just three years after arriving in the country from Sudan.

Adenas had never laced boxing gloves before landing on these shores.

But the 19-year-old has now charged to victory in the last round of competition in Tyne and Wear in an amazing tale.

Adenas’ desire proved too much for Olivers Boxing Gym’s Chris Brown, as he recorded a unanimous points verdict.

AHMED ADENAS is now National Development Champion Class B 64kg.


Process to obtaining BCR1

New boxers

1. Send a SC1 form , a passport photo cut to size with the name on the back and 1 form of ID (driving licence, passport, birth certificate) and payment (Junior £15, Senior £20)

2. I will register them as a recreational boxer and complete their book (BCR1)

3. I will return this to you so you can make arrangements for the medical

4. The doctor completes the medical in the BCR1

5. You return the BCR1 to me for stamping and to record them as carded boxers.

6. I return the BCR1 to you.

Carded boxers

7. Send SC1 form , a passport photo cut to size with the name on the back and payment (Junior £15, Senior £20) unless they have already paid for the season

8. I will complete their book (BCR1)

9. I will return this to you so you can make arrangements for the medical where you have to take the old ME3 along with you

10. You return the BCR1 AND the ME3 to me for stamping

11. I return the BCR1 to you.

Recreational boxers

12. Just end me a SC1 form (attached) I will register them as a recreational boxer


Update from EB

New Season

The Board are looking to transition the sport to a boxing season that runs January to December, alongside the AIBA International calendar. Of course, there are some inter-dependencies around such a transition, such as having advance notice of the AIBA calendar in order to plan our own Championships and events, completed changeover to international style annual medicals, amended registration dates/processes, organizational, cashflow projections, insurance policy changes etc. if these issues can be surmounted over the next few months the Board are aiming to complete a full transition to a new Jan to Dec boxing season with effect from Jan 2016. The Board will keep you posted on progress made.


Annual International Style Medicals

The NGB and Medical Subcommittee have been working on a plan to commence the transition of all boxers to an annual, international style medical. The first stages of this have been tomove all boxers having a medical this year to an annual medical, to redesign the ME3’s to incorporate all medical information (ME1’s will become obsolete) and to create a Central Register for Approved Doctors, to enable a those willing to undertake medicals to receive the appropriate information/knowledge to do so.


The next stage will be to bring in the international style medicals. A series of medical clinics are being planned and will be organised with you from mid-September onwards in your Associations, using the available doctors that you have registered with

England Boxing, to deliver the medicals. The registered Doctors will also be able to undertake international medicals outside of the medical clinics for those not wanting/ready to attend for a medical when the clinics are in session. A boxer’s GP will also be allowed to undertake the annual international style medicals.

Further information will be forwarded to you in the first week of September with regards to the medical clinic provision in your Associations

England Boxing Logo

The 3 Lions are back, by popular demand!!

The new logo for England Boxing, showcasing the 3 lions, synonymous with England,has now been approved, A communication will be sent out to you next week providing the relevant logos and the guidelines for usage.


Professional Licence Holders

We have been asked for clarification around members with professional licences being on club/Association/National Federation committees. AIBA have made their stance on this issue clear to us, which is as follows;-


“it is contrary to AIBA Rules for a person who is actively involved in professional boxing to hold any position within England Boxing or its member associations and clubs.”

AIBA Scoring System Training

You will have received a

Please not that your attendees will need to have the Associations Scoring System with them on the training day, so it is urgent for those of you who have not yet paid, that you do so now and we will forward the system to the delivery address/person of your choice.

Removal of Headguards

You will have received a communication regarding the removal of headguards for all Senior Male Boxers, including development boxers, with immediate effect.This has been discussed by the Board and is the final measure in bringing us into line with the AIBA requirements on this issue, ensuring that we are not in breach of the relevant competition rules

communication today regarding two training sessions for the above, requesting nominees.

Development Championship

The Entry forms for the Development Championship (use to be called Senior novice) are now available
please note the entry form doesn’t require you to sent the form as per previous year you can now bring the form along
at the official weigh along with a cheque of the entry fee.
1. Hampshire’s Development Championship weigh will Friday 12th September @ Golden Ring ABC. 6pm till 8pm.
2. Hampshire Round, Development Championship will be Saturday 20th September @ Golden Ring ABC. 11am till 1pm.
3. Hampshire vs Surrey, Development Championship (inter- county round) @ Golden Ring ABC 11am till 1pm. 27th September.


Commonwealth Games success

A huge congratulations to England Boxing’s Commonwealth Games team. The Games ended on a historic high, with five boxers leaving Glasgow with gold medals around their necks.


Southampton ABC boxer Ryan Garner wins

Junior ABA final


SOUTHAMPTON ABC boxer Ryan Garner wins the Junior ABA.

Ryan Garner has another pair of Golden Gloves for his collection as he took his impressive record to 38 wins in 51 contests with victory over Jack Dickinson (Birtley ABC) in the class b 52-54kg National Junior ABA final with a unanimous points win.


With effect from 1 June 2014 England Boxing and its members are required to comply with AIBA’s new rules regarding the separation of Olympic-style (formerly amateur) boxing from professional boxing and other professional combat sports. This communication sets out England Boxing’s good faith practical understanding of the restrictions that will apply to members from that date.


  • No person who has fought in a professional boxing match (other than World Series of Boxing or AIBA Professional Boxing) may register as a boxer with England Boxing (AIBA Statute 13(H)). This includes people who have competed in any professional sport incorporating boxing, such as mixed martial arts, ultimate fighting or kickboxing (AIBA Bylaw 32.2).


  • No person who has fought in a professional boxing match (other than WSB or APB) or competed professionally in any individual combat sport may participate in any boxing competition, domestic or international, governed by AIBA rules (see AIBA Technical Rules 1.3 and 1.5). This includes people who have competed in boxing-related professional sports (as above) or other combat sports such as aikido, judo, ju-jujitsu, karate, sambo, sumo, taekwondo and wrestling amongst others (see definitions within AIBA Technical Rules).


  • Please note that any person who has competed at an amateur level in any individual combat sport (such as those mentioned above) and who wishes to compete in a boxing match governed by AIBA rules must first obtain clearance from AIBA (AIBA Technical Rule 1.6). We recommend that such clearance is sought through England Boxing. If clearance is given, that person cannot compete in any other individual combat sport again if they wish to remain eligible to box under AIBA rules (AIBA Technical Rule 1.7).


  • Any person who enters into a contract or other agreement relating to their future participation in a professional boxing match (other than WSB or APB) or professional individual combat sport may not participate in any competition, domestic or international, governed by AIBA rules, other than WSB or APB (AIBA Open Boxing Competition Rule 2.3.2).


  • There is, in general, an exception for professional boxers who have fought in 20 or less professional boxing fights and who wish to transfer to AIBA Pro Boxing, in which case specific consent from AIBA is required (APB Rule 1.2.1). Again we recommend that such consent is sought through England Boxing. Such a transfer can only be done once, i.e. you cannot switch back to another form of professional boxing, and then switch back to APB again (AIBA Technical Rule 1.4).
  • No other restrictions apply.



  • No coach, trainer, referee or judge who has participated in such a capacity in a professional boxing match (other than World Series of Boxing or AIBA Professional Boxing) may register as an official with AIBA or with any AIBA Confederation (e.g. the European Boxing Confederation), unless they are first re-certified by AIBA in accordance with the AIBA Technical Rules (AIBA Statute 13(J)). This includes people who have participated in these capacities in any professional sport incorporating boxing, such as mixed martial arts, ultimate fighting or kickboxing (AIBA Bylaw 32.2). Such re-certification should be sought through England Boxing.


  • No coach or trainer active in professional boxing (other than WSB or APB) may coach or corner in any boxing competition, domestic or international, governed by AIBA rules, unless they have ceased to be involved in professional boxing for at least six months and then been re-certified as a coach. Such re-certification should be sought through England Boxing.


  • No referee or judge active in professional boxing (other than WSB or APB) may be a referee or judge in any boxing competition, domestic or international, governed by AIBA rules, unless they have ceased to be involved in professional boxing for at least six months and then been re-certified as a referee or judge with AIBA (AIBA Technical Rules, Appendix B, paragraph Such re-certification should be sought through England Boxing.


  • Please note that “active in professional boxing” is to be interpreted broadly and will include any form of active participation in professional boxing other than WSB or APB, including for example acting as a promoter or manager.


  • No person who has been affiliated to a professional boxing organisation (other than WSB or APB), including as a boxer, coach, trainer or in any other formal capacity, will be eligible to be appointed to the board of England Boxing (AIBA Bylaw 34.1(c).


  • No person who holds or has since 1 January 2007 held a formal position in any international professional boxing organisation is permitted to hold office on the Executive Committee of AIBA or any AIBA Confederation (e.g. the European Boxing Confederation).


  • No other restrictions apply.



AIBA Rules – The Scoring System

In order to assist with the above I will quote a number of sections of the AIBA Technical Rules. It is important that you note the following:


1) Clickers should no longer be used.

2) Scoring is based on what you as a Judge see and make Judgement calls based on what is seen.

Note page 10 of AIBA Technical Rules that states:

3.13 Each judge will independently judge the merits of the two (2) Boxers using the scoring system based on the following criteria:


 Number of quality blows on target (see below)

 Domination of the Bout


Technique and tactics superiority

 Infringement of the rules

 The Judges must apply the following criteria to score a round


 10 vs 9 – Close round

10 vs 8 – Clear winner with dominance

10 vs 7 – Total dominance

 10 vs 6 – Overmatched


As always judging a contest is subjective but ensuring the above factors are used and taken into consideration by a Judge the correct winner will be selected in the opinion of a particular judge.

Maximum concentration is required thus the reason for the ring set up ensuring the Judge is sitting on his own with no interruptions.

The target area has NOT changed in any way! The boxer’s arms are not and never have been a target area! The head front and side along with the front of the torso on or above the line of the belt comprise the target area.

If a boxer has a great finish resulting in a 10 – 8 round having lost the first two rounds 10 – 9 so a tie occurs the Judge MUST using the above criteria select a winner.

Likewise a 10 – 8 first round followed by two rounds of 9 -10 should not automatically result in the winner of two rounds being declared the winner.

ALL of the criteria above must be considered.

The criteria above is not in any particular order and each should be considered in arriving at a Judge’s decision.

The most skilful and technically proficient boxer, who has been most competitive and domineering, who has landed the most quality blows without infringing the rules as detailed above should prevail.

The Judge and the Judge alone must decide what he/she deems to be a close round selecting the winner of the round as per the criteria.

There is no rule on what is or is not a close round. The number of additional blows landed is only one of the criteria. A boxer may have landed significantly more blows but they may, as an example, have been landed whilst fouling.

For a 10-8 round one boxer must show to be a clear winner with dominance within the criteria described.

Total dominance should be quite obvious and as for overmatched I would hope either the referee or the coach will have intervened.

Giorgio Brugnoli

Chairman Championships Technical Rules Referees & Judges Committee


Update Technical & Rules, R & J


Male Senior Club and Elite Boxers
In order to comply with AIBA Rules all boxers who have boxed or entered our Senior Championships shall be known as Elite and must box 3×3 minute Rounds only and box without a head guard.
All other Senior boxers are to be known simply as Club boxers and can box 3×2, 4×2 or 3×3 minute rounds with a head guard. The rule regarding Novice boxers applies to these championships, which will be renamed Development Championships, and be limited to two classes – these being “20 bouts and under” and “10 bouts and under”.
Once an Elite boxer, a boxer cannot go back to being a Club boxer.
This will allow someone to remain as a Club boxer as long as they wish, BUT they will not be allowed to enter any championships other than Elite, once they have had over 20 bouts.
Elite Championships
The loser of a bout in our Elite Championships cannot replace an injured winner to the next stage.
If a semi-finalist winner was injured the second semi-final will become the final
“ Open “ as of now we do not use this term anymore, all open class boxers are simply described as Elite.
I would also like to remind everyone especially Officials and in particular Supervisors that if a bout takes place between two male boxers and they box without a head guard they must box 3×3 minute rounds and both boxers cards ( Me3’s ) must be marked up as ELITE therefore meaning they are no longer Club Boxers and that they can only ever box without a head guard and over 3×3 minute rounds

Club shows

On Club Shows, Schoolboys can be matched at 2kg increments up to 56kg, over 56kg they can be matched at 3kg increments.

In Championships the only Head Guards and Gloves that can be worn are those that are currently on the AIBA approved list i.e. Adidas, Top Ten, Sting and Wessing. (Greenhill, Lonsdale etc are not acceptable)

On Club Shows only, provided the Head Guard is AIBA stamped and is in a good, serviceable condition, then it can be worn.(Greenhill, Lonsdale etc acceptable)

On Club Shows only, provided the Gloves are AIBA stamped and are in a good, serviceable condition, then they can be worn.(Greenhill, Lonsdale etc are acceptable)


Technical & Rules, R & J

Elite Senior Championships.

At national quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, a boxer can only come back into the championships if their opponent has withdrawn due to injury.

Women boxers

England Boxing proposes to hold a Golden Girl Tournament, Junior, Youth and Elite Females at the same time as the Elite Male Finals being held in April 2014, consisting of 8 to 10 bouts.

Going forward, plans will be put in place that whenever a male championship is run, the female equivalent championship will run alongside it.

In light of the above and other issues, the Female Championships are under review. The review is assigned as part of the responsibilities of subcommittee member Terri Kelly.

Junior boxing

3 weight divisions are added to the lighter end of the scale of the AIBA weights for Junior boxers as follows;-

  • Over 38kgs but not exceeding 40kgs
  • Not exceeding 42kgs
  • Over 42kg but not exceeding 44kg

AIBA 12 hour rule

The AIBA rule ( states that there must be a minimum of 12 hours between 2 bouts. This is the only rule in operation, in relation to standard rest periods and must be adhered to.

The previous ABAE 3 day rule (as per all other ABAE rules and domestic variants) no longer exists following adoption of the AIBA Rules in their entirety.

AIBA Rule does not supersede the Protective Sanitary Measures as described in AIBA Rule 2.5, in relation to restrictions following knockouts.

Elite boxers

An Elite boxer can be trained and act as an official during his or her boxing career. After qualification/training he/she can be appointed to officiate at tournaments, so long as they are not boxing in the same tournament at which they are officiating.

AIBA Rules

All ABAE Boxing Rules are obsolete and became defunct on the implementation of the AIBA Technical and Competition Rules, Statutes and Bylaws on 1st January 2014.

AIBA Rules must be adopted and domestic variations in Associations are not permitted.

England Boxing is providing guidance on how AIBA rules should be implemented and there is a FAQ section on the website in relation to the implementation of AIBA Rules. This section includes other questions relating to boxing. Follow this link:

England Boxing is considering some supplementary bylaws for the AIBA Rule Book, to assist the development of boxing at grassroots level. Once developed they will be fully discussed with AIBA, prior to being fully implemented.

AIBA upgrades and officials development

England Boxing is working with AIBA in relation to upgrading of officials/ AIBA development. Funds are available to complete training in this area and we are exploring the potential, with AIBA, to send some officials for this training. England Boxing is considering a national event for upgrade of officials.

In addition the England Boxing Board has agreed a development day for officials which will take place in Sheffield. Further information will be provided in due course.

Use of substances

No substances, other than Vaseline, can currently be administered by any England Boxing member unless that person has been trained and is qualified to administer the substance being used.

A training course is being developed in order to provide qualification. Until the point that this course has been taken all members are classed as unqualified.

Ex R & J Commission members

It has been agreed that any previous member of the above commission, who is no longer serving, can be reinstated as a judge/referee.

If refereeing duties are to be undertaken the individual must complete a practical assessment prior to refereeing any bouts. Those returning only as a judge can do so without a pre-assessment.

Doctors in boxing

Based on the adoption of AIBA rules and the recent introduction and ongoing work in the boxing medical clinics the Medical Subcommittee has requested that a central register now be compiled to enable contact with all doctors undertaking medical work within boxing, including attendance at ringside. Further correspondence will be sent to association secretaries on this matter

Computer operators

All associations are requested to nominate a computer operator for the new computer system, to the NGB office as soon as possible. Further information/training will be provided to the relevant nominee when the new computer systems are available.

Guidance on Headguards for Senior Elite boxers 2014

Following the acceptance of new Articles of Association, which includes a series of new bylaws and regulations, the ABAE has been working with AIBA to seek clarification on the rules relating to the wearing of headgears by Senior, male boxers in England.

Under the new rules, which come into effect on 1 January 2014, SENIOR ELITE BOXERS will compete without head guards over 3×3 minute rounds.

A SENIOR ELITE BOXER must be aged between 19 and 40 and not fall within the NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE Classes.

This means:

  • A bout between SENIOR MALE ELITE CLASS BOXERS will be contested WITHOUT headguards
  • A bout between an ELITE class boxer and an INTERMEDIATE boxer will be WITHOUT headguards and contested over 3×3 minute rounds (as the INTERMEDIATE class boxer has progressed to ELITE class

All bouts between any other class of boxer, including all women and juniors will be with headguards.

  • Two INTERMEDIATE class boxers competing against each other will box WITH headguards over 3×2 minute or 4×2 minute rounds
  • A contest between an INTERMEDIATE class and a NOVICE class or between two NOVICE class boxers will be WITH headguards and contested over 4×2 minute or 3×2 minute rounds
  • All women’s boxing is WITH headguards
  • All junior and schools boxing is WITH headguards.


Gold for Southampton ABC Ryan Garner at European Championships


Ryan Garner and Viddal Riley collected gold and silver medals respectively on the podium today at the European Championships in Anapa, Russia.

Southampton ABC’s Ryan Garner was crowned European Champion after a robust performance against Irish boxer Martin Stokes. After a scrappy opener Garner piled pressure on his opponent and the effort paid dividends as he sneaked ahead in the second. Unfazed by Stokes’ greater experience (the Irish boxer has over 130 bouts under his belt), Garner upped the ante in the final three minutes, a tactic that was reflected in the judges’ final round scores of 10-9 and a win for England.

West Ham ABC’s Viddal Riley secured a silver medal for the team, delivering an excellent opening round with superb movement and his trademark booming right hand scoring well to put him on course for gold. However, boosted by a partisan home crowd the resilient Russian began to claw his way back into contention in the second. With everything hinging on the final round, the solid and compact Marutkin raised his game just enough to win the bout.

Team manager Martin Webb said: ‘This young England team should be congratulated on the calibre of their performances. They won eight of twelve contests against world class opponents in an extremely tough championship. Ryan and Viddal were astonishing in the finals and are proving to be exciting prospects on the international scene, but the three England boxers that failed to medal were eliminated by eventual medalists, so every member of this team should be very proud of his achievements.’

Finals results

54kg Ryan Garner (England) beat Martin Stokes (Ireland) 3:0

80kg Viddal Riley (England) lost to Dmitriy Marutkin (Russia) 0:3

Notice of changes to 2013-14 ABAE Senior Elite Championships

With the pending adoption of AIBA rules by the Amateur Boxing Association of England, it is likely that this season will see the ABAE Elite Championships boxed under international rules for the first time.

As a result of this, boxers in this championship will compete at international weight categories under the international 10:9 scoring system. Boxers will also compete without head guards.

In order to enable boxers and their coaches to be sufficiently prepared for the rule changes, and to ensure that they compete safely, the dates of the championships will be changed to later in the season. This will also allow officials to fully prepare for the adoption of international rules.The finals of the competition are provisionally planned to take place after mid-April 2014. The programme for the earlier stages of the championships will be confirmed in early December 2013.


Bronze for Jones at World Junior Championship

Ebonie Jones is bringing home a bronze medal from the AIBA World Junior Boxing Championships.The Heart of Portsmouth (HOP) ace’s brave campaign came to a close yesterday when she lost a semi-final points decision to Armenia’s Anush Grigoryan.

It proved to be the closest of contests, with many believing Jones had done enough to make today’s final.

But the verdict went against the 15-year-old, ending her outstanding run of three wins on the world stage.


International Silesian Women’s Championships


GB Boxing’s four-strong women’s team returned from the International Silesian Women’s Championships in Poland with a clean sweep of gold medals.

Ashleigh Pond of Portsmouth Stacey ABC switch on the style to secure a gold medal in her debut tournament for Team GB under the Team GB coach Lee Pullen.

Ashleigh Pond, boxing in the youth category, on her debut boxing a taller opponent of Justyna Gornik (Poland) scoring at will with the rearhand

winning on a unanimous points decision. That lead the way to the Final in which Ashleigh showed her range of styles by boxing her gutsy opponent

local champion Magdalena Twarog (Poland) on the backfoot to win by a unanimous points decision.

Lisa Whiteside’s tournament ended on a frustrating note as the Larches and Savick boxer’s opponent was pulled from the bout due to an injury sustained earlier in the competition.

A typically gutsy performance from Natasha Jonas against Australian Shelley Watts earned the Liverpudlian a unanimous points decision and awards for both bout and boxer of the tournament.

Chantelle Cameron’s strong performance against tough French boxer Wendy Couvercelle secured a third gold medal for the team, and Portsmouth’s


Front- Row l -r Ashleigh Pond, Chantelle Cameron, Lisa Whiteside & Natasha Jonas


51kg Ashleigh Pond (Portsmouth Stacey ABC, Hampshire) beat Justyna Gornik (Poland) PTS
51kg Lisa Whiteside (Larches and Savick ABC, Preston) beat Anna Andrzejewska (Poland) Walkover
60kg Natasha Jonas (Rotunda ABC, Liverpool) v Kamila Labut (Poland) RSC2
64kg Chantelle Cameron (King’s Heath ABC, Northampton) v Karolina Gawrysiuk (Poland) RSC3

20/09/2013 – Semi finals

51kg Lisa Whiteside beat Kristy Harris (Autralia) PTS

60kg Natasha Jonas beat Natalia Kowalska (Poland) KO3

64kg Chantelle Cameron beat Beata Koroniecka (Poland) PTS

21/09/2013 Finals

51kg Lisa Whiteside beat Nikita Arnold (New Zealand) Walkover

60kg Natasha Jonas beat Shelly Watts (Australia) PTS

64kg Chantelle Cameron beat Wendy Couvercelle (France) PTS

51kg Ashleigh Pond beat Magdalena Twarog (Poland) PTS


New process concerning CRB’s



To all Clubs,

Once you have completed your CRB application with myself – you must take the following actions or you will not be on the ABA Database (You will not gain registration.)

* you will receive your CRB in the post between 2-6 weeks.
* you must send that CRB to The Disclosure Office, 54 Lions Lane, Ashley Heath, Dorset, BH24 2HN
* if you wish for the paper copy to be sent back to you – then make sure you enclose a stamped addressed envelope with the CRB.

Please be aware – if you do not take the correct action listed above – you are cleared with a CRB – your paper copy will not permit you to take corners etc.

PRO AM Coaches


Unfortunately the correspondence from EB in December giving permission for ProAm coaches to corner their amateur boxers on club shows was inaccurate, EB have since been advised by AIBA that this is incorrect and that the original correspondence stating that ProAm coaches cannot corner amateur boxers is indeed correct.