Permit & Gym rules

AIBA Rules update Aide Memoir V3


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Permit for shows


Rules to follow when hosting a show

The permit should be applied for at least 28 days before the date of the event.
The permit is issued on condition that the club provides 2 Recorders, and  that crowd barriers are erected.
It is little use to install crowd barriers and then allow the public to  converge on the ring.
The venue for championships should be inspected and approved by the  Division or Association, with particular regard for fire precautions and  emergency exits.
Where a venue is considered unsafe it will not be approved and a permit  will not be issued.
Security Staff should be in place for the wellbeing of the audience and the  care of the property.
Adequate club personnel should be available to assist in helping the  visiting clubs, R & J Officials and the paying public.
Facilities should be of a good standard for dressing rooms, changing rooms,  weighing in room, Doctor’s medical and gloving up.
Scales should be accompanied by a certificate of calibration.
Collection of gloves at the completion of bouts should be arranged and the  gloves returned to the gloving up area.
Prominent signs should be displayed to direct those concerned to their  facilities.
The ring must conform to championship standards and their should be  sufficient tables and chairs at ringside for Officials.
A boxing programme should be available to Officials,Clubs and audience. It  may change on the day but this can be dealt with.
Where practical it is good practice for Officials and competing boxers to  approach and leave the ring without having to struggle through the  audience.
An efficient public address system is essential.
The Divisional Secretary or Association Secretary is always available to  advise before the event, and the appointed Official in Charge will rule on  decisions affecting the event on the day.
Where there is doubt on any issue advice and ruling can be given.

Permit request should be sent to Hampshire Secertary at


Please indicate on your application the show Venue, Address and time of your show weigh/in etc CWO

For u18 boxers on your show CWO is required please provide a name for permit. CWO must be in attendance at the show

Important please also info the secertary of a return address for Permit no address no Permit!

Permit should be Cheque Only made out to Hampshire & Isle Wight ABA (Hantiow) 

Open Show – £40

Dinner Show – £165

Issued on condition that the Club applying for this permit agree to –

  1. 1.       Appoint 2 Recorders for the show.
  2. 2.       Provide crowd control barriers.  
  3. 3.       Provide adquate Security  

Checklist for permit.  (1). Venue & Timings (2). CWO(Club Welfare Officer) for u18 boxers (3). Return Address